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Selecting the perfect home site to meet the family's needs is essential.  Whenever possible, LUXE prefers to be involved in the early lot selection process.  In the Las Vegas Area, custom home sites generally run in sizes from approximately 1/4 acre to 1 acre in size if they are within a custom home development.  Various sites may offer privacy, views, extra exterior living space and many other qualities.  Some sites may even have difficult areas such as rocky slopes or less attractive sections. 


LUXE is available to help the homeowner pick the perfect site to meet their needs.  This involves fitting the approximately size home pre-design blocking onto the site footprint.  This will ensure the homeowner that the home of their desires will fit on the lot.  The preliminary design study also reviews the sun, winds and other elements on the prospective home.


Luxe has created a Design & Preliminary Construction Contract that outlines the Design and Pre-Design costs and responsibilities for the project.  The pricing is very reasonable and the terms are very straight forward.  This contract's primary purpose is to help the homeowner through the preconstruction process seamlessly and at a very reasonable cost.  This contact will show the estimated preliminary cost of construction that was given to the homeowner at this early date.  It will also outline the design fees for the various professionals hired by LUXE.  It will also estimate the costs for Home Owner Association Fees and Building Department Fees.


Once design is under way we’ll meet regularly (at the home owner's convenience) to review and discuss the design of the home. Typically, the Architectural Design will take 3-4 months.  We encourage our clients to begin design early and take the time to review all Architectural details.  It is best to get the plans done completely to the home owner's specifications.

LUXE has been involved in the design and construction of many home styles.  Las Vegas is now favoring Desert Contemporary and Modern Design, however LUXE has Design/Built homes in various styles such as Transitional, Tuscan, Formal Italian and Traditional styling.   In Las Vegas, many custom communities also dictate the general style of home that is allowed within the neighborhood.   When LUXE works with a homeowner, we encourage the family to create a scrapbook of photos or folder within or Pinterest to help them express design details that they envision in their home.  Organize it by room – exterior, kitchen, master bathroom, etc… The more prepared and organized you are, the better the LUXE architectural team will understand your goals for your new home. Create a wishlist, room by room. Include features, your plans for using the room, special pieces of furniture you intend to bring and anything else that will help the team understand your vision.


LUXE also assigns an interior designer or design coordinator to each project.  This individual will help the homeowner to create the color scheme and finishes for the home.  When building a custom home, there are multiple decisions to be made on general style, appliances, cabinetry, flooring and numerous details.  The designer / coordinator will help to ease the homeowner through this process to ensure that the end result is exactly what the homeowner had envisioned.



Every homeowner has a general budget in mind when they start to consider building a custom home.  LUXE believes in giving an honest estimate in the early stages of design based on the initial design details expressed by the home owner.  To help with this process, LUXE has created a computerized Wish List that also helps to create the estimated costs of construction in the early stages.  Many homeowners begin by asking what they can expect the price to be per square foot of the home.  This number can vary extremely based on the following details:

1. Is there a lot of steel / structural elements in the home design?

2.  Is there extensive glass in the home?

3.  How many garages are desired?

4.  What quality of fixtures, appliances, finishes, cabinetry and other features are desired?   

LUXE is very competitive in the fees charged for the management of the construction. 

LUXE also gets multiple bids on every aspect of the project. LUXE enlist the best quality subcontractors available and treats them fairly to ensure long term relationships.  LUXE takes their fiduciary responsibility of their clients’ funds very seriously and ensure the cost effectiveness of the entire project.



The final Construction Contract will be based on final figures for the Architecturally designed home.  This will include all mechanical, structural and civil details that have been reviewed to create the final plans that have been submitted to the Building Department and Home Owner Design Review Committee. 


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